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A Warm Welcome!

This is the website of South Beach Baptist Church in Saltcoats on the Ayrshire Coast in Scotland. Here at South Beach you will find a group of people committed to living our lives as Christians, following the examples and teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. Together we form a local church in Saltcoats and aim to share God's love within our community.

We hope and pray that you will find us warm, welcoming and worshipful.

There is lots of information within the website, and you can also keep up to date with recent announcements and events on facebook.

Make sure you check out the Church NEWS and the events on this weeks's Diary further down this page.

Sunday Worship

Morning Worship - 11:00am

Evening Service - 6:30pm

Youth Fellowship - 8:00pm

Church News

9th November 2014 SBBC Anniversary
On Friday 21st Nov. our young people ( and drivers) are off on a mobile dinner around volunteers in the congregation, one course at a time. Always a good chance to mix and have fellowship and enjoy great food together as well. (If you want to volunteer to host just let us know.)

Sunday 23rd during the morning celebration service we will give thanks for the past and look forward to the future. Don Currie will be speaking and there will be cake afterwards.

A Fellowship Tea is planned for 5pm. This will be for all the family so please make a special effort to book in that date and time. The tea will be followed by a Double Bill concert. – At 6pm the Royal Foundlings will be leading us in worship and providing an acoustic concert mix with testimonies. This should be an inspiring gathering and an opportunity to invite friends along as well.

After a break for ice-cream the last part of the evening will be more of a ‘rock set’ from the Royal Foundlings. A great mix of music, a fantastic evening. Please plan to come and enjoy the celebrations and bring along some friends.

Church Diary

Time Event Location
Sunday 23rd November 2014
11:00 Morning Worship SBBC
11:15 Wiggleworms SBBC Hall
11:15 Bible Class SBBC Hall
11:15 Sunday School SBBC Hall
11:15 Creche SBBC Hall
18:30 Evening Service SBBC
20:00 Youth Fellowship Various
Monday 24th November 2014
10:00 Little Stars SBBC Hall
17:00 C Club SBBC Hall
18:00 Bible Read Various
18:30 KidZone SBBC Hall
19:45 Delta+ SBBC Hall
19:45 CrossTrax SBBC Hall
Tuesday 25th November 2014
19:30 Frank & Sandra HG Various
19:45 Campbell HG Various
20:00 McIntyre HG McIntyre
Wednesday 26th November 2014
10:00 Timeout Various
14:15 Bright Hour SBBC Hall
18:00 Wed Read Through Various
18:15 Youth HG Various
19:30 Wed HG Various
Thursday 27th November 2014
14:00 Coffee and Chat SBBC Hall
19:00 Adult Badminton St Matthews
19:00 Creative Hands SBBC Hall
19:30 Music Practice SBBC
Sunday 30th November 2014
11:00 Morning Worship SBBC
11:15 Creche SBBC Hall
11:15 Wiggleworms SBBC Hall
11:15 Bible Class SBBC Hall
11:15 Sunday School SBBC Hall
18:00 Sunday Special SBBC
18:30 Evening Service SBBC
20:00 Youth Fellowship Various